Want to serve your blog for FREE?

Host your website for FREE in Netlify using Ghost headless CMS and Gatsby JAMStack starter pack. Host your Ghost CMS in your local or deploy it in a production server using AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku, or GCP.


Download Ghost Gatsby JAMStack

Download or fork this Github project repository ghost-gatsby-jamstack. Check the repository for more guides. https://github.com/rommelporras/ghost-gatsby-jamstack

Download NPM Dependencies: Ghost-CLI and Gatsby-CLI

npm install ghost-cli@latest -g
npm install -g gatsby-cli

Start Ghost 3.0 locally

Open the Terminal and go to "ghost" directory.
Type ghost start or ghost install local to it. The Ghost 3.0 CMS located in http://localhost:2368

Integration of Gatsby to Ghost API using Setting's Integration page

  1. Add custom integration in Setting's Integration page
  2. Copy API URL & Content API Key in Setting's Integration page
  3. Replace the URL and key in gatsby-config.js of ghost-gatsby-jamstack/gatsby-starter-ghost/ directory.
  4. gatsby develop to gatsby-starter-ghost folder.
  5. Push your repository to your on Git repository.

*Always check the images for more info. Check https://github.com/rommelporras/ghost-gatsby-jamstack for more commands in Gatsby and Ghost-CLI.

Ghost & Gatsby CICD on Netlify

  1. Create a Netlify account in https://www.netlify.com/
  2. Create a Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket account.
  3. Make a repository in your Git account, ex name: my-blog
  4. Git Push the folder ghost-gatsby-jamstack in your my-blog repository.
  5. Connect your Git account's repository and branch in Netlify (Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket)
  6. Wait for your site to be built. ^_^

Congratulations on your new blog / CMS!

Just connect your domain to your Netlify generated URL using Namecheap, AWS Route53, or other DNS providers.

Check Ghost-Gatsby-JAMStack repository for more info.